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Traipsing around Brooklyn

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Brooklyn is one of the NYC boroughs that I know the least about. While I was growing up I stuck mostly to Manhattan — aside from it being my home base, there is so much to do and discover on that one little island alone. This trip I was determined to spend a full day getting to know Brooklyn better.

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I started off at Toby’s Estate Coffee, where Fred and I went last time we came to the city, figuring it would be good to begin at a familiar place. From there I explored the neighborhood around Bedford Avenue. If you’re looking for an area dense with fashionable shops and cafes, this is the place.

The vibe was definitely colorful and hip and quite a bit more friendly than I expected. I saw a guy on the street wearing the same Goblin t-shirt that I own, which brought a smile to my face. It was a weekday, and while the shops were fairly empty, Toby’s was PACKED just like last time. Perhaps they’re just always that busy.

My favorite was a shop called Catbird on Bedford Avenue, and I’m kicking myself for not taking any photos there. I can’t think of a store that’s more me than this shop is. Lucky for me and unlucky for my wallet, they have an online store as well; in fact I just ordered the set of tarot cards I was practically drooling over in the store. I also loved  Spoonbill and Sugartown Books (fourth photo down), also on Bedford. I really love a bookstore that has a large selection but is also clearly curated to meet discerning tastes. I saw a few books I love, a few I’ve been dying to check out and a few really interesting ones I had not heard about yet.

My vintage store pick is Awoke Vintage on North 5th Street near Bedford. The store is downright dreamy inside with lots of pretty items.  I laughed out loud when I saw that VHS copy of “Coming to America” on their shelf. I also checked out Rabbits on Havermeyer Street which was good too but their selection was smaller and a little less exciting.

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After it felt like I had walked all over creation I stopped in at Juliette Restaurant on North 5th Street mostly to rest my sore feet – it didn’t look like much from the outside but I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked in to find a huge space that was gorgeously decorated to feel like a mid-century casual Parisian cafe.  I sat at the stainless steel bar to have a beer and write a thank you note (bought at Catbird) to Maki for letting me stay with her.

From there I met up with Maki and Zach for wine and cheese at Pinkerton wine bar on North 6th Street, and later we had champagne and oysters at Rye restaurant on South 1st Street. I chose the duck breast for dinner and it was probably the best meal I had for the entire trip — Rye really has a handle on that whole comfort food trend.

Verdict? Manhattan has my heart, but Brooklyn is quite the temptress.

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