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Packing for Paris


My friends would probably tell you that I’m the least spontaneous person ever. I certainly relish my to-do lists, jot things down in my notebook frequently and do my research. So with my trip to Paris coming up next week, of course I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what to bring with me.

I’ve been hitting the books and the internet a lot lately to get into Parisian style mode. I loved this list of what to bring to Paris especially, and typing “Paris street style” into Pinterest is a great way to get inspired. I particularly love anything Lou Doillon, Clémence Poésy and Emmanuelle Alt wear. Here are some of my favorite looks:

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My take on Paris style is that while you do use plenty of basics and neutral colors in your outfits, you don’t have to sacrifice originality or playfulness. Some common themes are: limited accessories, unique vintage pieces, pops of color, stripes, expensive-looking fabrics and well-fitting cuts. The result is a look that’s simple, but never boring.

Well, all this list making and street style gazing lead me to realize that I’m a little lacking on some basics like neutral-colored tees and well-fitting jeans (because really, who actually ENJOYS jean shopping).

So I ended up going to Madewell’s opening party for its new location in Highland Village mainly because if I don’t have to drive the Galleria, AND you’re serving free champagne, I’m there.





At 7 p.m. they were already packed! I grabbed a glass of champagne and started browsing…and almost immediately settled on a buttery-soft gray tee, some jeans and some low-profile socks (perfect for wearing with flats for all that walking I’m about to do).




Remember my comment above about hating jeans shopping? Welp. I lucked out this trip. The very first pair I tried on fit like a DREAM and are comfortable enough to wear on my flight! I heard angels singing above, you guys. I was sold.

Combined with the vintage pieces I picked up in Austin last weekend I feel much more set for my trip now. I might not have everything on my dream packing list but it is just four days…in the fashion capital of the world…including one evening at the Paris Opera…no pressure, right?


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  1. Bobbiejean says: September 4, 201512:33 am

    Can’t wait to see what you wear to the Paris Opera!

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