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How to have the best weekend


I love my job but that doesn’t mean I don’t mourn the end of the weekend a little bit each Monday morning. Even worse is that “Smonday” feeling when your Sunday night is spent stressing about the week ahead.


When I was still doing roller derby my weekends were pretty much always hectic. There was always practice to go to on Sunday, and usually some kind of tournament, training, fundraiser or promotion going on on Saturdays or Friday nights. This was added to a busy week of work, practices and derby committee work mixed in with regular life. By the end of Sunday evening practice my energy would be totally sapped and I’d just stare at the TV until it was time to pass out and do it all again.

My post-derby life has been about finding balance. Balance in my health and fitness routine, my diet, my finances, and even balance in how I spend my free time. With weekends totally free for me to do whatever the hell I want to do, I’ve noticed a pattern taking form. If I do too much of one thing and not enough of another, I tend to feel kind of cheated, or like the weekend wasn’t long enough.


I always try to start my Saturday morning off with good music and strong coffee while I read the newspaper. We have such a great record collection but Saturday mornings are sometimes the only chance I get all week to indulge in it. But I don’t really mind, it’s become such a lovely routine.

From there my plans always vary, but I try to find balance as best I can. And I’ve noticed that the BEST weekends always include a little of these five things: social butterfly time; relaxation; productivity, creativity and self care.


Post-derby I’ve learned that I’m pretty middle-of-the-road when it comes to being extroverted or introverted. If I stay in all weekend I feel mildly depressed that I didn’t get to see anyone or have a good conversation. But if I spend every waking minute with friends, I feel sapped of energy. A little bit of both is perfect for me. Similarly, if I don’t get anything done I feel like the laziest person on earth. But if all I do is rush rush rush, I’m exhausted on Monday morning.



My formula for the perfect weekend

Some social butterfly time like parties, seeing a show, going on a street skate or meeting for a drink or coffee.

Some relaxation time like binge watching Netflix, reading, listening to records or seeing some art.

Something productive like working out, going for a run, doing laundry, running errands, cleaning the house or trying out a complex recipe.

Something creative like writing, doing a DIY project, painting or playing guitar.

Some self care like painting my toenails, getting my hair done, taking a hot bath or doing some yoga.


Now that I’ve discovered this pattern I’ve been trying to nurture these competing needs as much as I can without overthinking and overplanning. What I can say is it’s made it a lot easier to say no to plans, which can be really hard for me to do when there’s so many great people out there to hang out with and so many fun things to do in Houston. But a little self-preservation goes a long way.

And if we go out of town for a full weekend like when we went to Austin, I try to keep the next weekend pretty low-key to regain that balance. This past Memorial Day holiday weekend was perfect for that.


The weekend was still pretty well balanced. I got some social butterfly time in with my friend Shawn and even ran six miles on Sunday, but overall it was definitely heavy on the relaxation side. I did lots of reading and took Fred on his first visit to the Beer Can House.

This upcoming weekend is Free Press Summer Fest followed by a flight to Boston…so I’ve already deemed the following weekend as a true “do nothing weekend.” These are so great. No need to balance, just plenty of time to recover. I honestly really do love having a do nothing weekend every once in a while…they tend to involve Chinese delivery and a lot of Netflix.


How are your weekends lately? Do you feel the same craving for balance that I do, or are you fine with going with the flow? If you feel like your weekends are endlessly exhausting, try my formula out and let me know how it goes for you.



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