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Lovely Things: Summer trends


Is it just me, or have you been seeing a-line miniskirts with buttons down the front everywhere too? I’m loving this very 70s look and have actually snatched up a suede, a denim and a plain black a-line skirt just over the past six months (eeek).

That’s not the only trend I’m currently obsessed with…read on for the items to be on the lookout for this summer!


1. This ensemble is the perfect way to pull off one of these pretty little a-lines. There are plenty of options at ASOS right now. Sources: image 1 + image 2


2. Another trend I am totally here for is the off-shoulder top. They’re so fresh and sexy and are giving me some serious Mediterranean vacation feels. Source


3. I’m really digging this cord necklace trend I’m seeing around. The metal tips are a nod to Southwestern fashion, but the wrap-around style definitely makes it look more hip than a bolo tie would. Blogger Bisous Natasha has an easy DIY project on her blog for you to make your own. Source


4. In other around-the-neck news, bandannas are kind of a big deal right now. Or perhaps I should call it a neckerchief? At any rate, I’m seeing lots of these that appear to be smaller than your average bandanna and tend toward more unique patterns, like polka dots. You can find these by the dozens at any thrift shop. I’m always happy to see an easy-to-implement trend! Source


5. I’m seeing these wrap/lace-up sandals everywhere lately. Including on my own feet, ahem. I can’t imagine a more summery look, and yet again with those Mediterranean feels! Source


A bit of parting advice: only buy trendy stuff if it’s on the cheap side. You never know if it will stay in fashion or not. I lucked out and got this skirt for $25, and am still patting myself on the back for that one. What trends have you noticed lately?


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