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It all started with a cup of coffee

I first met Fred in 2004. He was working as a barista on Galveston island and served me a cup of coffee.

Coffee, as it turned out, would end up being a constant in our relationship over the next 13 years.

At the time of our first meeting I was in a (failing, unromantic, doomed) relationship. My sister, who also worked at the coffee shop, introduced me to Fred. I certainly remember standing at that counter, looking into his hazel eyes and realizing that that was a face I could look at for quite a while.

It wasn’t until two years later that I finally broke up with that boyfriend and turned my thoughts almost immediately to that Fred guy who works at the coffee shop in Galveston. I kept shrugging the idea off, considering it a long shot. Fred was quite a bit older than I was, and I lived three hours away. But I couldn’t get him out of my head.

After waiting just long enough to not seem too obvious about my growing affection for this man with the gorgeous eyes and dark hair, I arranged to come down to Galveston to “spend time with my sister.” Uh huh. I barely saw her that weekend.

At the time I was rather keen on writing prose in my livejournal (you’re damn right I’m not linking you to it). After I got back home to Austin I wrote this reflection of the moment that I now realize was when I fell fully in love with him:
-then. sitting in agora coffeehouse, late day sunlight streaming through the windows of the second floor. my eye became caught, i cannot shake, this image. crossed legs, elbow leaning on one knee, large cup of chai balanced in palm, thumb looped through the handle, eyes dreamily staring off.

I still remember exactly how he looked at that moment.

During the early years of our relationship in Galveston, Fred would get up much earlier than I did to open the coffee shop, and after I got ready for the day I’d always stop by to drink a cup of coffee and read the paper before heading to work at the Galveston County Daily News.

Well, coffee and the paper, yes, but mostly it was to moon over this guy. We were basically insufferable.

As we planned for our wedding in January 2008 it was clear where we should go for our honeymoon — Portland, Oregon: the mecca for coffee culture at the time. For cups of coffee, lattes and espressos so rich that Agent Cooper himself would call them “damn fine.”

We just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this week, and even though his barista days are long over, he still grinds the beans, sets up the pour-over with my favorite mug and makes me coffee.

And I’ll never get tired of catching those eyes through the steam from a cup, thumb looped through the handle, dreamy as ever.


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