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Three years of Feathers and Wax

Three years ago I started Feathers and Wax! So it’s time for some introspection on how things around here have changed since then, what my most popular posts have been, and what I plan to do with this blog in the future.

Come along with me for a nostalgia trip!

My most popular post of all time

Becoming a runner, in spite of myself has turned out to be my most popular post on Feathers and Wax so far! This post’s popularity surprised me but it makes sense to me the more I think about it. Anytime a blogger I like admits to her followers how tough some aspect of life can be I find it really endearing, and those types of posts tell us that no matter how easy some people make an activity look, there are plenty of us out here struggling and seeing little to no results. And that that is ok!

I’m still running and enjoying it, but I’m not running as fast or even as often as I had once hoped. I like to think that this year I’m being kinder to myself and have added a heavy dose of reality to my expectations, and I’m honestly all the better for it, mentally and even physically.

Did this post help you get motivated, or tell you that it’s a-OK to not be the fastest and best at everything? I hope so. Tell me in the comments!

My most popular posts from the past year

Teen angst and plaid shirts: my first Rec Room HTX experience was my most popular post from the past year of Feathers and Wax.

I LOVED that theater’s My So Called Mondays series so much! Fred and I went back a few more times for other episodes and every experience was as good as the last. And I’m so excited for Rec Room and all of its creative uses for its space and all the ways it engages new audiences.

I’m also happy to see that my followers are digging my coverage of local theater and I definitely plan to keep that up. Stay tuned for my summer theater preview in a few months!

In the heart of Mexico was my second runner-up for the past year. This post was all about the Hacienda de las Trancas, where we stayed while we were in Mexico. It’s an entirely magical place, and the whole trip still seems like some pleasant dream that I wish I had never woken up from. Give me amazing food, comfy hammocks and horses to ride through the Mexican countryside ANY day. Please.

And the third runner-up from the past year was Real Talk: a riot grrrl post-election toolkit. I’m over the moon to see that my followers are as down with resistance as I am. Keep it up!

My plans for Feather and Wax

I’m still feeling good about this little effort of mine and enjoying the outlet it gives me to write about things that I’m into. I’ve gotten to the point where I usually have my post subjects planned a few months ahead of time, and keeping a blog dovetails pretty well with my compulsion of taking millions of photos everywhere I go.

I’ve dialed down the DIY and cocktail recipe posts, but please let me know in the comments if you miss them and I’ll do more! I do find them fun, but lately have been focusing more on Real Talk, travel and other aspects of my life. But trust me, I still love putting St. Germain liqueur in drinks, and I still love getting crafty.

As for travel, I have a few awesome trips already planned for this year that I’m really looking forward to — so stay tuned for those posts!

It’s been a great three years. Thanks for coming along on the ride!


Thanks for reading Feathers and Wax! x

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