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The bedroom project: before

We’ve lived in our current house since September 2014. While planning our move I recall that I had originally intended to make each room in it at least relatively livable — as in proper furniture and some decent decor — by the end of that year.

Let’s all pause for some hearty laughter.

The master bedroom has always gotten the short end of the stick in our houses because it’s the one room guests don’t tend to see. This might explain why over the past two and a half years Fred and I have been sharing one (1) overstuffed dresser, sleeping on a cheap set of mattresses stacked directly on the floor, and using hilariously mismatched “nightstands.”

Yeah, you’re not just imagining things. My nightstand IS a step stool. A surface which my earplugs fairly consistently roll off the edge of, causing me to have to move everything out of the way in order to hunt them down each night. Meanwhile, Fred’s nightstand is our $8 Ikea LACK coffee table from our old apartment.

Ladies, learn from my mistakes: if you’ve got yourself a husband who is smoking hot but, alas, snores loudly through the night, the least you can do for yourself is invest in a nightstand with a drawer in which to keep earplugs.

At least this room “has good bones,” as I hear rapt would-be homeowners on HGTV say all the time, so I hope I’m using it correctly here. These built-ins are the dream. What red-blooded American woman doesn’t relish a chance to display her shoe collection?

In case anyone’s curious, we’re renting this house from a friend of ours, so paint colors, ceiling fixtures, permanent structures etc. will stay the same, but I’m pretty happy with all of those anyway.

Things I want to keep:

  • The vintage trunk
  • The giant leaning mirror
  • The dresser, although it needs some love AND a friend
  • The mid-century modern chair and ottoman
  • The Mexican tapestry on the wall
  • Most of the bedding

Things I want to change:

  • We need an actual bed
  • We need a new mattress
  • We also need actual nightstands
  • More lighting
  • A new dresser so we don’t need to share
  • New hardware for our existing dresser
  • The B&W color scheme is boring, needs an accent color
  • New throw pillows
  • New rug or perhaps multiple, layered rugs
  • Lighter curtains, both in fabric weight and color
  • Artwork on the walls
  • Better jewelry organization

So, now you’ve seen the “before.” Fingers crossed that it doesn’t take me another two and a half years to get to the “after.”

At least this guy doesn’t mind.


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