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Coming out of my cocoon

Houston rarely experiences much of a spring season. Generally you might get a few perfect days of high temperatures in the 80s, but they’re few and far between, interspersed between chilly winter holdovers and angry, dark, thunderstorm-filled days (like today, yikes).

Not this spring! I’ve been amazed by all the multiple breezy, warm, PERFECT days we’ve had so far this season. And after a few weekends of being a homebody and getting a bunch of work done around the house, I have officially reemerged into an actual life, back to my social butterfly ways.

Read on for what I’ve been up to!

I’ve been seeing LOTS of live music lately thanks to both Houston’s amazing scene and my ride-or-die live show buddy, Melissa. Seeing Priests and Potty Mouth were highlights for me over the past two months, not to mention the amazing duo that is Deap Vally.

I also saw some really great theater: The Future is Female Festival, made up of multiple brief plays all written by women, and Act of God which had me practically falling out of my seat from laughing.

And I’ve been playing lots of music! My as-yet-unnamed band has been meeting at least once a week for practices and I’ve been spending a few hours each week practicing solo as well. We’ve finalized our first original (a song that I wrote entirely on my own, which is a first for me) and are putting the finishing touches on our second original. Meanwhile our three covers are sounding super polished by now.

We even took some slick professional band photos together (which is what I’m got all dressed up for in that last photo). The pro shots turned out fantastic, and I’m so excited for this whole project!  We were this-close to booking an actual gig for late April before we realized that with a few of us heading out of town this month we wouldn’t be able to get ready in time. At least now we have plenty of time to get better.

I ended up having two weekends in a row with no social plans, which is rare for me and was kind of fantastic in its own way. I think Bronx liked having me around the house, especially since I finally got around to installing a scratching post for him. And I got all of my spring cleaning done, worked out a lot, and did tons of errands out of the house, such as spending an entire afternoon laundering and ironing a trunk full of doll clothes so I could store it all away properly. Typical spring cleaning work, yeah?

I’m feeling much more organized and freed from clutter, which has been pretty great for my overall mental health. And I added some weightlifting back into my workout routine, so I’m feeling a bit stronger, too.

On the anniversary of our trip to Mexico I decided to open our final bottle of wine from the Cuna de Tierra winery and grill out, Mexican style. I made carne asada with grilled red peppers and caramelized onions, elote, and black beans. The food can’t compare to Yolanda’s back at the Hacienda de las Trancas, but it was still pretty great.

Mostly I’m just so happy that grill out weather is back.

This past Friday was the Art Car Ball, something I look forward to so much each year! I love seeing all the crazy costumes, dancing to the live music and reuniting with three of my derby friends. It’s been our tradition to hit the ball together for years now, and this time was extra fun for me because we went on a street skate there instead of driving (thanks, gorgeous Houston weather).

I missed out on the actual Art Car Parade this year so I could check out the Girl Crush Market, a pop-up of all women-owned businesses. The vast majority of the booths were rented by female entrepreneurs from right here in Houston. I got my nails done, ate some delicious ice cream from Chocolate Wasted, hung out with Melissa and spent some hard-earned cash on some amazing stuff.

I know, right?

And later that night I embarked on what would turn out to be, I don’t know, the most FUN friend’s birthday party experience of my life? Lauren turned 30 and her boyfriend Trevor a) made t-shirts for everyone with her face on them, b) rented an actual party bus for us to whoop and holler it up in all night and c) planned out a full evening of dinner, tiki bar drinks and dancing for us all. Amazing.

The climax of the evening was definitely when we all drunkenly sang Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of our lungs while on our way to Arlo’s Ballroom to dance all night long. Best night ever.

Currently listening to: I’m looking forward to seeing Cherry Glazerr at Free Press Summer Fest this year and can’t stop listening to their most recent album. I especially appreciate the first track, which is all about being a lone wolf, spending time with boys and missing out on being friends with girls. That definitely sums up my early 20s, so glad I cut all of that out. I’ve been listening to lots of Shonen Knife and Girlpool ahead of their shows in Houston later this year! I also just recently finished S-Town, the podcast from the folks who did Serial, and it was definitely thought-provoking. I have a lot of mixed feelings over the story they pursued, but it kept me interested, at least.

Currently obsessing over: my bedroom project, for sure. I’ve been saving tons of bedroom decor pins on pinterest and debating the virtues of saving time and stress with IKEA vs. hunting for vintage and antiques. It’s not easy to figure out, my dudes.

Currently reading: I’m down to the final few books on my winter reading list and loving Nicotine so far. I might have to cheat a little and start on my spring list early because my pre-order of one book I’ve been dying to read should be arriving at my house tomorrow!

Currently watching: I just finished up a bunch of shows, including The Walking Dead (which I found kind of snoozeworthy this season), Legion (which I loved, fiercely) and Big Little Lies (obsessed!). Since life’s been busy lately with spring cleaning tasks and hanging out with friends I’ve mostly been watching episodes of Veep here and there, and I’m now pretty ready to start re-watching Game of Thrones so I know exactly what’s going on when the new season starts in July (so excited).


And this week? I’m heading to Amsterdam! So you won’t see a new post here until late next week, probably. Till then, tell me what you’ve been listening to/reading/watching/doing lately!


Thanks for reading Feathers and Wax! x

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