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Amsterdam on Easter Sunday

My last day in Amsterdam was Easter Sunday, and while I wasn’t planning to hunt for eggs or attend mass, I still hoped to celebrate the holiday with a little bit of arts and culture.

Apparently, so was everyone else in Amsterdam. We arrived at the Van Gogh museum to see a line stretching for blocks, and a four-hour wait, according to a museum employee. Oof.

After a croissant and some coffee we struck out to see what other options there were in the Museumplein area and were pleasantly surprised to find a Dali exhibit at the contemporary arts museum nearby, with a much shorter line.

When we left the museum we walked through a market in the plaza outside with all sorts of interesting vendors and food stands. Also, loads of tulips. They were really everywhere in the city that week!

Then we headed to the central city area to eat some Dutch pannenkoeken, stopping by a fascinating art gallery and a cheese shop on our way.

I had been really looking forward to our meal at Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs. Pancakes! And apparently this is the restaurant that inspired the Beastie Boys’ lyric “When I’m in Holland I eat the pannenkoeken” in Super Disco Disco Breakin, so…it had to be good, right?

I couldn’t finish mine, alas, but it was totally worth the wait.

Our next stop was for more art, but this time a bit on the kitschy side. The Kattenkabinet museum is a beautiful old canal house filled to the brim with artwork with one specific subject: cats.

As if by some theme of the day, we encountered yet another live feline at the bar we went to afterward. The bartender there regularly fills a shot glass with milk for her and lets her drink it on the bar.

After we ate a delicious dinner at a Sichuan restaurant nearby I headed back to the apartment to pack and catch enough sleep to handle my flight back home the next morning. The rest of the group wasn’t leaving until a day later, so they headed out for karaoke and more fun.

But I was plenty satisfied to have art, pannenkoeken and cats fill my final hours in Amsterdam.

That’s the end of my Amsterdam series. I really hope I get to go back to this city some day and get to see more art museums, the tulip gardens and the Anne Frank House. Since Amsterdam is only an hour’s train ride from Antwerp I could definitely envision combining it with a future trip to Belgium filled with chocolate, frites and tasty beers. Someday!

If you’re going to Amsterdam, you should know it is the type of city that requires some planning ahead, and buying tickets ahead of time as well as making dinner reservations is highly recommended. But we were pretty good at coming up with other options, so even if you don’t like to plan you’ll never be bored in that city.

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