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Festival looks for 2017

My dudes, as usual, Free Press Summerfest is right around the corner and I have no idea what I’ll be wearing!

A few weeks ahead of FPSF I like to look at festival style shots from around the world to get inspired. I love Spell the Gypsy’s festival page, they seem to go to the most amazing festivals over in Australia. So jealous! And Elle and Cosmopolitan both had a good Coachella roundup for some truly hot-weather-friendly looks. Read on to see my favorites!

Looking through all the slideshows I’m seeing that long flowy dresses in flower prints are still reigning supreme, as are lacy minidresses and all things in sheer or shiny fabrics.

What surprised me is how lingerie is making the leap to festival wear: there are lots of fishnet tights, intricate bralettes and vintage high-waisted panties out there, sometimes covered with silky kimono-esque robes.

Also new this year is matching printed tops and bottoms, either in a long flowy skirt paired with a croptop or a loose top-and-shorts combo. I definitely prefer this to the romper trends of yesteryear, which might finally be donezo now that it’s been co-opted by dudes, ha.

I’ll see you at FPSF!


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