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The bedroom project: inspiration


Part one of my attempts to whip our sad bedroom into shape is finding inspiration on the internet. There are so many drool-worthy bedrooms out there. Let’s take a look!

Sources: image 1 | image 2 | image 3 | image 4 | image 5 | image 6 | image 7 | image 8 | image 9

Image 1 right at the top is my favorite out of the bunch. My obsession with earthtones combined with blush is pretty well documented by now. I’m also definitely planning to do layered rugs. It’s such a brilliant way to conserve funds (by purchasing a less pricey large rug layered over with small, nicer ones) and it just adds so much coziness.

I love the Moroccan patterned rugs in several of these photos. I’m such an aficionado of black-and-white patterned stuff, but the style of these rugs pairs so well with earth-toned accents to result in a much warmer, less boring look than what I have going on now.

I’m also hoping to find a pair of simple matching nightstands that have drawers, much like in Image 9, and I’m envisioning a pair of minimal brass lamps on top of them. Since hanging or mounted lights won’t work in this space, the smaller the better.

I like that off-white linen curtain in Image 7, something like that might be our best bet for changing our window treatments, if I could find some lined ones that block the light better. But since we’re just staying in this house temporarily, if I can’t find something easy and cheap we’ll just leave the curtains as they are.

Now that I have some solid ideas here’s hoping I don’t procrastinate too much longer…


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