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Summertime and the living’s easy

I took a break from blogging in June, partly because life was getting pretty crazy with travel, family plans and work assignments. Things are finally slowing down, I’m getting back into my favorite routines and I’m finally able to enjoy these long summer days.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

In early June Fred and I went to Free Press Bummer Fest – the temporary name I gave the music festival this year because daily downpours resulted in giant mudpits, evacuations, and ultimately the fest’s cancellation. Boo.

On the upside we got to drink some tasty rosé, dance our asses off to Grouplove and Cage the Elephant, and see Cherry Glazerr play an amazing set (definitely the biggest highlight for me).

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the festival, and since I’ve gone to every single one I’m planning to attend come hell or highwater, the latter being apparently pretty likely. We’ll see! At least there’s always Day for Night fest to look forward to.

Even though we took a trip to Nashville to celebrate my birthday, my actual birthday technically fell after we were home from that trip, so cupcakes, balloons and sushi ensued. Fred is far too sweet to me, you guys.

Another highlight of the past month was seeing Roky Moon & BOLT! The Houston band was one of my local faves, but they went on hiatus a few years ago when the lead singer moved to Austin. Now they’re back together and hoping to complete an actual rock opera production soon. I’m so excited!

I also finally got to visit Houston’s new cat cafe, El Gato Coffee House, as a lovely little birthday treat from my friend Allison. For a $12 entry fee you get bottomless coffee and the chance to play with all the kitties the cafe is currently hosting. It was the most soothing experience I’ve had in a while, highly recommended.

Aside from that I finally got to see The Beguiled (I’m a huge Sofia Coppola fan) and I’ve been playing my guitar a LOT since Fred gave me an amazing guitar pedal for my birthday present. I’ve also been doing pretty well at fitting in my exercise routine despite the torrential daily thunderstorms Houston likes to throw at us in the summertime. At least sometimes they result in pretty rainbows.

Currently listening to: I’ve been digging the new albums from Haim and Broken Social Scene, as well as everything by The Big Moon, a band my friend Melissa introduced me to.  I recently got a bluetooth device for my car so I can use Spotify more easily and it’s been so great to listen to new music every weekend (on weekdays I act like the journalism nerd I am and listen to NPR only). I’ve also gotten really into listening to the Pod Save America podcast while I run. I think all the moral outrage makes me run a tad faster.

Currently obsessing over: So many things, really! Like: trying to save money as the time we have left in our current house dwindles, daily coverage of what fucked up business is happening between our country and Russia, planning for our trip to Japan in September, how adorable my cat is…just normal stuff.

Currently reading: I just finished “The Edible Woman” by Margaret Atwood and loved it pretty intensely. Hat tip to my friend Casey for the recommendation. Atwood’s humorous tone in that novel was exactly what I needed. Now that I’m done with it I just started on “Evicted” and it’s been pretty fascinating so far.

Currently watching: Mainly I’ve been rewatching Game of Thrones like crazy in order to get brushed up on all the plotlines ahead of the premiere this Sunday. Can’t wait! But we’ve also been loving the Twin Peaks return series (how about that Part 9, amiright? yowza), and I’m also happy that Casual is back on Hulu at the moment. It’s the perfect wind-down show after work on Tuesdays for me.

What have you guys been up to?


Thanks for reading Feathers and Wax! x

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