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Sake ice cream and thatched-roof houses

We came back from our two-week trip to Japan on Sunday and have been slowly getting back into our normal routine so far this week. But I’m already experiencing Japan withdrawals, and have ended up spending my jetlagged early mornings searching for good Japanese restaurants in Houston.

As friends ask me what my favorite part of the trip was my thoughts keep going to our visit on a rainy day to the tiny village of Shirakawa-go, which felt like walking around in something from a mythical legend.

On this particular day, we were planning to do a hike. But the rain postponed that plan. I feel so lucky that instead, we came here, to this tiny village with ancient thatch-roofed houses with rainwater rushing down stone culverts on the sides of the roads.

Bright, friendly flowers were planted in nearly every yard, standing in silent defiance against the gray rainclouds. The mist lifted from the pine tree forests on Mt. Hakusan above us while we wandered the narrow alleyways and ate sake-flavored soft serve ice cream.

What a dream.

More on Japan next week!


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