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My dudes, as usual, Free Press Summerfest is right around the corner and I have no idea what I’ll be wearing!

A few weeks ahead of FPSF I like to look at festival style shots from around the world to get inspired. I love Spell the Gypsy’s festival page, they seem to go to the most amazing festivals over in Australia. So jealous! And Elle and Cosmopolitan both had a good Coachella roundup for some truly hot-weather-friendly looks. Read on to see my favorites!

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Just like how leather and jean jackets are a cool girl’s go-to armor, a back patch on that jacket is the ultimate ride-or-die.

Whether you iron it, sew it, safety-pin it or paint it, there’s only one rule: don’t mince your words.

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As far as I’m concerned, spring is the best season in Texas even though it’s really more like summer-lite and practically only lasts for a couple of weeks. Regardless, it’s plenty warm and sunny but it’s stopping short of being oppressively hot, and I’m taking full advantage of that.

This past weekend I did some spring cleaning and packed all of my winter clothes, coats and boots away. I’m so excited to no longer have to wear tights or bring a jacket with me everywhere. Let’s swoon over spring fashions!

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Madewell dropped its collaboration collection with French label Sézane today and it is gorgeous.

Here’s to dressing for fall with a Parisian flair…bien fait!

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I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive about the flared jeans trend at first — it reminded me too much of the early 2000s hippie-turned-raver look, when you paired a ripped up pair of bell-bottom jeans with your Adidas sneakers, a baby tee and piles of rubber bracelets.

But I’m here today to tell you all that there is indeed a graceful way to embrace the return of wider jean hems.  It’s very 70s but never hippy-dippy and no Adidas in sight.

Read on for how to lean more towards Jane Birkin than Paris Hilton…

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Houston weather is bringing the heat lately, and it’s just going to get worse. I looked at the extended forecast recently and we’re in store for 100+ degree days pretty soon. Oof!

Times like this I want to wear as little as possible in only the lightest, most airy fabrics. Time for some inspiration…

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Is it just me, or have you been seeing a-line miniskirts with buttons down the front everywhere too? I’m loving this very 70s look and have actually snatched up a suede, a denim and a plain black a-line skirt just over the past six months (eeek).

That’s not the only trend I’m currently obsessed with…read on for the items to be on the lookout for this summer!

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With Free Press Summer Fest only two and a half weeks away, it’s time to start daydreaming about what to wear. I still have no clue, personally. But I love looking through street style shots of recent festivals to gather inspiration!

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Mexico Vacation

A trip to Central Mexico is the perfect time to wear colorful, patterned and vintage pieces. In the springtime the weather will be warm but temperate during the day and chilly at night, so bring a mix of warm and cool weather items. Bright red and pink lipsticks and wide-brimmed hats make the perfect accessories. Silver bracelets make a good touch too — but you might want to buy them there!

Read on for my packing list and photos of what I wore.

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As a kid I would draw pictures of my stick-figure family in front of a boxy house, curl of smoke coming out of the chimney and sun shining from the corner of the paper. But I never knew whether I should color my dad’s red hair in with the red crayon or the orange crayon. Finally my parents gave me one of those deluxe sets of 48 crayons in all kinds of colors and one was “red orange.” Perfect.

These days, if Crayola came out with a blood orange crayon, adult me would definitely be into it. I’m still so in love with that bright, 70s shade of reddish orange.

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