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I’ve had such a busy week and can’t believe it’s almost over! Work has been intense and Fred and I also front-loaded our week with lots of fun activities and time with friends. So after I help a friend move tomorrow I might take a bit of a breather for the rest of the weekend and unwind. It’s all about balance.

For now, here’s some photos from a picnic we had with friends a few days ago, starring Beaux the adorable black lab puppy. *swoon*

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I took a break from blogging in June, partly because life was getting pretty crazy with travel, family plans and work assignments. Things are finally slowing down, I’m getting back into my favorite routines and I’m finally able to enjoy these long summer days.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

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Houston rarely experiences much of a spring season. Generally you might get a few perfect days of high temperatures in the 80s, but they’re few and far between, interspersed between chilly winter holdovers and angry, dark, thunderstorm-filled days (like today, yikes).

Not this spring! I’ve been amazed by all the multiple breezy, warm, PERFECT days we’ve had so far this season. And after a few weekends of being a homebody and getting a bunch of work done around the house, I have officially reemerged into an actual life, back to my social butterfly ways.

Read on for what I’ve been up to!

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Three years ago I started Feathers and Wax! So it’s time for some introspection on how things around here have changed since then, what my most popular posts have been, and what I plan to do with this blog in the future.

Come along with me for a nostalgia trip!

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While I’m not a wiccan or pagan or anything of that sort, I like to read up on all the ancient rituals surrounding holidays or specific times of the year to mark the passing seasons. It’s always fascinating to put current Christian holiday traditions in their true historical contexts. And oftentimes I find that the rituals actually have some pretty legit mental health benefits.

Just like how I turn to tarot as a way of hacking my brain and giving myself advice, celebrating Ostara, the spring equinox, helps me find fresh perspective. Who doesn’t like the feeling of turning to a new page at the start of a season?

Read on for ways to celebrate Ostara, witchbabies!

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Monday was the 2017 spring equinox, also called Ostara or the first day of spring. As a cold-weather hater and possibly a mild sufferer of seasonal affective disorder, each year I eagerly anticipate the official end of winter and the return of longer days.

The equinox is all about balance. It’s literally one of two days each year when the night and the day are exactly the same length. An old myth says that the equinoxes are also the only days you can balance an egg…but I haven’t attempted that magical feat, personally.

I prefer to think about the balance of the equinox it in less literal terms, seeking balance in my own life and mentality. So, with balance in mind, I did a one-card draw to figure out what I should focus on this spring. I drew the mother of cups.

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Fred and I traditionally go out for our Valentine’s Day celebration a day early. This year we had the option of going out tonight too, but after thinking about the hassle of making a reservation and elbowing through crowds of anxious paramours, I decided we should stick with Monday.

I wanted to keep it simple this year. Maybe it’s just because the last few weeks have been so harrowing, or maybe it’s because we’re about to go on vacation…but I didn’t feel like some fancy outing. So we stuck with jeans and leather jackets and headed to Love Buzz to get a pizza large enough to nap on.

It was our first time there and it turned out to be entirely perfect.

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Since the past two weeks have been so…interesting, it was nothing short of fascinating going through photos of my life from the past two months in order to prepare for this “currentlies” post. Like, oh yeah, I did have a life pre-Trump presidency, one that was relatively idyllic and easy-going.

It’s not like the worry about his presidency wasn’t looming at the time, but I certainly didn’t realize how insane things would get straight out the gate. Post-election we were all hearing conservatives say that should take Trump seriously but not literally. Welp. As it turns out we should have taken him both seriously AND literally.

No wonder I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about my recent past. Here’s what I was up to while I took a monthlong break from blogging…

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I first met Fred in 2004. He was working as a barista on Galveston island and served me a cup of coffee.

Coffee, as it turned out, would end up being a constant in our relationship over the next 13 years.

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On New Year’s Eve, Sally and I went to the Troika, where we met Fritz. The couples were dancing with hands on each other’s hips, yelling in each other’s faces, streaming with sweat. An orchestra in Bavarian costume whooped and drank and perspired beer. The place stank like a zoo.

After this, I think I strayed off alone and wandered for hours and hours through a jungle of paper streamers. Next morning, when I woke, the bed was full of them.

–“Goodbye to Berlin” by Christopher Isherwood

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