— Feathers and Wax



“The first thing I want you to do is slide on your pads into the bowl at its deepest end.”

I sat at the edge of the bowl, like a concrete pool with no water in it, and gazed down its concave edges to the bottom, about 10 feet below. The edges were steep. My palms started to itch, sweating furiously inside my wristguards. My heart went wild while my feet in my skates felt like bricks, pulling me down.

The longer I sit here and fret about this the less likely it is that I’ll do it, I thought.

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I went on a street skate this past weekend for the first time in MONTHS (thanks, rainy Houston weather) and now I’m falling back in love with it all over again. I’m already chomping at the bit to plan the next skate!

Late summer is the best time to cruise around on a pair of quads. It’s so hot out, but snow-cones and rollerskates are basically BFFs. If that isn’t enough to get you rolling, here’s some fun skate art to inspire you.

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As a kid I would draw pictures of my stick-figure family in front of a boxy house, curl of smoke coming out of the chimney and sun shining from the corner of the paper. But I never knew whether I should color my dad’s red hair in with the red crayon or the orange crayon. Finally my parents gave me one of those deluxe sets of 48 crayons in all kinds of colors and one was “red orange.” Perfect.

These days, if Crayola came out with a blood orange crayon, adult me would definitely be into it. I’m still so in love with that bright, 70s shade of reddish orange.

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This stormy week notwithstanding, the weather in Houston has been gorgeous lately. Is winter over already? We’ve seen so many days of bright blue skies and glowing sunlight that it feels like summer is just around the corner.

Here’s how I’ve been taking advantage of it…

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Houston has had some incredible weather these past few weekends! Highs in the 70s, sunny and simply beautiful. So my rollerskating buddies and I took advantage of it with a street skate and…my first ever trip to a skate park!

Spoiler alert: I didn’t actually die. Whew.

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