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New York


Sometime last month Maki sent me an excited chat about a $29 flight sale for February 29th. After hemming and hawing for a while (and seeing that my other flight was only a little over $100) I gave in! Who wouldn’t take a quick trip to NYC if they got a deal like that?

Besides, going to the city always feels a bit like going home.

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I recently took my first-ever overseas trip to somewhere very green (more on that soon). But before I flew over the Atlantic I squeezed in a few days in NYC because…who wouldn’t?

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The Lower East Side is a part of Manhattan that’s very important to me and plays a big role in both my nostalgia and overall awe of the city. Just think about all of the incredible art and music that happened in that corner of the island and you’ll know where I’m coming from.

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Brooklyn is one of the NYC boroughs that I know the least about. While I was growing up I stuck mostly to Manhattan — aside from it being my home base, there is so much to do and discover on that one little island alone. This trip I was determined to spend a full day getting to know Brooklyn better.

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I was lucky enough to make time for some of New York City’s wilder areas during my trip there earlier this month. Central Park is fantastic, of course, but Fort Tryon Park in the northern part of Manhattan has always made me feel entirely transported. My timing was perfect: the peonies had just started blooming.

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New York is my home away from home. It has been that since I was about 12 and my father moved there. He and my stepmother lived in Washington Heights for more than a decade. I’d visit in the summertime, loving how the subway could take me wherever I wanted to go, loving to spend full days wandering around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, loving the views of the Hudson River from my bedroom window and loving the cold Snickers bars from the bodega down the street, where they were kept in the fridge.

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