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In so many ways this trip to Portland was a do-over for our last one, which, as I mentioned in my last post, was our honeymoon. Things didn’t exactly go swimmingly that round, which was kind of a bummer for such a momentous trip.

So I can’t really blame us for going back to some of the same places we had visited before. Especially when some of them are THE must-see stops in Portland. But we saw plenty of new-to-us stuff too. In all I’m kind of proud of how much we packed into a four-day weekend.

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The first time Fred and I went to Portland it was on our honeymoon. It was a cold and windy few days that started rather inauspiciously with a missed flight and a resultant 3am arrival. We were young, broke, egregiously unprepared for the weather, and deeply in love.

But that last bit was all we really needed.

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