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Pairing blush tones of rose with metallic gold is a total winning combination, guaranteed to get my attention. It makes sense that those two shades are practically BFFs, considering how we all already love rosegold, right?

Read on for more soft-pink-and-shimmer combos to inspire you today!

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Three years ago I started Feathers and Wax! So it’s time for some introspection on how things around here have changed since then, what my most popular posts have been, and what I plan to do with this blog in the future.

Come along with me for a nostalgia trip!

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As far as I’m concerned, spring is the best season in Texas even though it’s really more like summer-lite and practically only lasts for a couple of weeks. Regardless, it’s plenty warm and sunny but it’s stopping short of being oppressively hot, and I’m taking full advantage of that.

This past weekend I did some spring cleaning and packed all of my winter clothes, coats and boots away. I’m so excited to no longer have to wear tights or bring a jacket with me everywhere. Let’s swoon over spring fashions!

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While I’m not a wiccan or pagan or anything of that sort, I like to read up on all the ancient rituals surrounding holidays or specific times of the year to mark the passing seasons. It’s always fascinating to put current Christian holiday traditions in their true historical contexts. And oftentimes I find that the rituals actually have some pretty legit mental health benefits.

Just like how I turn to tarot as a way of hacking my brain and giving myself advice, celebrating Ostara, the spring equinox, helps me find fresh perspective. Who doesn’t like the feeling of turning to a new page at the start of a season?

Read on for ways to celebrate Ostara, witchbabies!

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Monday was the 2017 spring equinox, also called Ostara or the first day of spring. As a cold-weather hater and possibly a mild sufferer of seasonal affective disorder, each year I eagerly anticipate the official end of winter and the return of longer days.

The equinox is all about balance. It’s literally one of two days each year when the night and the day are exactly the same length. An old myth says that the equinoxes are also the only days you can balance an egg…but I haven’t attempted that magical feat, personally.

I prefer to think about the balance of the equinox it in less literal terms, seeking balance in my own life and mentality. So, with balance in mind, I did a one-card draw to figure out what I should focus on this spring. I drew the mother of cups.

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It’s incredible to me that it has already been a full year since Fred and I went to Mexico to celebrate the marriage of two longtime friends of ours. On a recent flight, bored amid a lack of wifi, I unearthed some unused shots on my phone from our final day there. So, consider this a “throwback Thursday” post, if you will.

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If I played my cards right, my visit to Amsterdam next month should coincide perfectly with the tulip season there. I can’t wait to see all the rows and rows of bright flowers, buzzing with bees as far as the eye can see, like in this post from designlovefest!

All our Amsterdam planning (plus this late-winter cold snap in Houston) has me eager to put away my sweaters. Let’s daydream about all the lovely things that springtime entails, shall we?

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On the final few days of our trip to Marfa we really settled in and got comfortable. It was nice being able to remember where things are without having to refer to a map all the time, like our first trip, and revisiting all our old haunts from our first trip.

We also settled in, quite literally, to our Airbnb and immediately felt right at home. It’s incredible what a difference having your own apartment makes on whether you feel like a tourist or a local.

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Usually at this point of the month I would do a “Lovely Things” post, with a roundup of nice things I found online. But today I’m shifting gears to feature one of my favorite new spaces in Marfa: Do Your Thing coffee shop. Maybe “Nice Space” will turn into its own series? We’ll see.

After a morning spent on wind-swept plains at the Chinati Foundation, Fred and I were cold, starving, and needed more caffeine. It was time for us to…ahem…do our thing.


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The whole reason that Marfa, a town in the middle of nowhere, started getting attention in the first place, eventually drawing people like me to its desert landscapes, is Donald Judd. The artist moved there in the 1970s in search of simple surroundings that complemented his style of modern sculpture.

At the time, the seat of Presidio County was no more than a former army base and ranching town, although it had gained some notoriety from its ghost lights and being the filming location of the movie “Giant.”

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